Manufacturing Facilities

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Being one of the premium fastener manufacturers, Micron Precision Screws has the capacity to produce 3000 MT of precision engineered fasteners and offer 5000 different kinds of fasteners ranging from 4mm to 40mm diameter and length up to 400 mm in various grades (4.6, 5.6, 8.8, 10.9, 12.9, and 14.9).

Our fastener manufacturing plants are well-equipped with the latest cold and hot forging technologies to manufacture standard as well as special high tensile fasteners. The machineries used are Multi-Station Boltmakers, Single Die Double Blow Headers & Metal Gathering Machines for different lengths and diameters along with Flat Rolling Machines and Circular Thread Rolling Machines for different diameters. The other machines include Centreless Grinding Machines, Capstans and Bolt Trimmers. We also have the facility of a Turning Center to manufacture any type of Turned Component.

Being one of the premium fastener manufacturers

Since we are one of the best international fastener manufacturers we have a state-of-the-art Plating Plant that enables surface treatment such as oxidizing, zinc phosphating, electrogalvanising with white, yellow, black and green passivations along with removal of hydrogen embrittlement.

We have the facility of 4 well-maintained In-House Heat Treatment Plants. For the heat treatment process of fasteners we use the Shaker Hearth Furnaces, Automatic Tempering Furnaces and Blackening Furnace.

In order to stay a step ahead of other fastener manufacturers, we have equipped ourselves with a well-equipped Tool Room where we design and develop tools required to produce Dies. It boasts of Lathe Machine, Surface Grinder, Cylindrical Grinder, Milling Machine and Drill Machine.

We also have the capability to produce any Special Fastener as per customer samples or blue-prints, and this is what really sets us apart from other mass fastener manufacturers.

So if you are looking for good quality fasteners or need fasteners that have been customised to meet your requirements, come to Micron Precision Screws - one of the most outstanding fastener manufacturers.