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We strive to provide quality products by adhering to National and International Quality Standards e.g. DIN, BS, IS, ANSI and so on. We ensure effective implementation of ISO 9001: 2002 in the fastener manufacturing plants. Presently we are working towards ISO/TS 16949: 1994, ISO-14001 and OHSAS 18001.

We work towards fulfilling requirements of Six-Sigma to ensure efficient business processes by integrating systems from various disciplines into a more powerful system of management with customer satisfaction as the primary aim. Our quality policy also includes cost control ensuring optimum pricing for company’s products along with effective training programmes and motivation to our employees.

Our management system plans, implements and continuously monitors overall plant efficiency. Our products undergo various physical, mechanical and metallurgical tests before despatch. To assure our high standards of quality we use various equipments for testing such as Magna Flux Machine, Hardness Tester M/C, Torque Tester, Metallurgical Micros, Profile Projector, Salt Spray Equipment, Coating Thickness Equipment and Universal Testing Machine. The processes required for maintenance of good quality involve use of Measuring Instruments such as Micrometers, Vernier Calippers, Pitch Micrometers, Dial Bore Gauge, Height Gauges, Ring Gauges, Slip Gauges, Radius Gauges and Thread Profile Gauge.

So if you are looking for top quality fastener products such as dowel pins, socket head screws, automotive fasteners or other customised fasteners, contact Micron Precision Screws.
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